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Customized Global Inside Sales Training for Teams and Managers

Today, inside sales generates more than 50% of the entire organization’s sale revenues. Inside teams are growing at least 30% faster than their field counterparts, and are on course to vastly outpace field sales by 2015.

When you hire a vendor to train your inside sales organization, you put your reputation and your future revenues on the line.

So the inside sales solution you choose had better be the best!

“TeleSmart’s knowledge of inside sales is unparalleled.”

For the past 20 years TeleSmart has provided innovative, timely, and customized inside sales training for global sales organizations for 85% of the Fortune 500 high-tech organizations. We have trained thousands of salespeople to sell, service, and support their customers the smart way — with a training solution that is flexible, scalable, and sustainable.

“Customized inside sales training puts your business first.”

We train sales teams and mangers from our comprehensive real-world ground understanding of inside sales from departmental, team, industry, and end-user perspectives. We take the time to carefully customize an inside sales solution that fits your company, your department, and your teams.

“TeleSmart’s Sales 2.0 focus puts teams on track with today’s dynamic digital, social, and virtual customer.”

Ringing phones are yesterday’s sales. Today’s Sales 2.0 world is collaborative, networked, and connected. Customer 2.0 seems elusive, but what they want is attention. Our training gives your teams practical sales guidance they can put to work immediately to capture customers, nurture them, and close deals.

“TeleSmart turns managers into inside sales whisperers.”

Inside sales managers are under intense pressure to on-board and ramp them new sales teams fast. But the sales skills that got 95% them promoted from the ranks are not the same ones they need to generate revenue with their challenging young Millennial teams.

Our training identifies and fills skill gaps so managers can build and coach teams for driving revenues and increased performance.

“Sitting through TeleSmart’s training is so entertaining, and FUN! Time flies.”

TeleSmart’s inside sales training captures short attention spans and holds on. Motivational, interactive, visual, energetic, and fun learning means faster absorption and long retention. Managers and teams get up to speed on skills and tools fast, and the training sticks.

 “Our investment in TeleSmart is still paying off: it has legs.”

TeleSmart Communications customized inside sales training means business. It will become part of your organization’s DNA, helping you sustain your investment before, during, and after training takes place. Leadership and end-user buy-in helps reinforce your long-term commitment to learning and performance improvement.


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