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When 80% of women make most of the financial purchase decisions, it makes sense to see a woman’s image on our currency. Every 100 years, the image gets changed — and Andrew Jackson’s time was up. So a grassroots effort called Women On 20′s took on the “Why aren’t there any faces of women on… Read more »

Which Gatekeeper Is a Keeper?

Everyone wants to talk with the C-Suite. Yet they are not only difficult,they’re also impossible to reach — and heavily protected by an army of gatekeepers. It pays big time to know who these gatekeepers are and what they’re after: 1. Tire-kicker: They come through as inbound leads and are clearly collecting data in “research”… Read more »

Sales Organizations Need Alternative Management Structures

Management and leadership are getting a bad rap these days. According to the Gallup’s 50-plus page report “State Of The American Manager: Analytics And Advice For Leaders,” organizations consistently choose the wrong people for management roles, and pay dearly for it through poor engagement and costly turnover — and the inevitable decline in overall performance. There’s too… Read more »