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Refreshing Insights on the Future of Air Travel

In keeping with my attempt to be as honest and authentic as possible with my life these days, I want to share that I hate flying. It’s not that I’m scared of flying or that I don’t like traveling — I just try to avoid commercial air travel at all costs. Flying has become increasingly more uncomfortable…. Read more »

Draw Your Future

The sales profession is all about intention and future planning. It attracts professionals who are self-aware, and who can self-diagnose where they are and where they want to go. When they put together their forecast and funnel strategy, it’s about future planning. This are a visual bunch — think white-boarding and mind-mapping. Check out this… Read more »

Comparing Customer 2.0 to a Bumble Bee

It’s almost the end of summer: barbecues, watermelon, sandy feet, #45 suntan lotion, beach towels, and bumble bees. Or at least getting bit by something. Ouch! Recent studies on consumer behavior have compared it to the flight of the bumble bee. As Erich Joachimsthaler wrote in his Flight of the Bumble Bee article: “Consumers behave… Read more »