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Look! My 2015 Trend Report Has Legs

I thought this pic would get your attention! Remember back at the beginning of the year when I put my 15 in 2015 Inside Sales Trend Report together? Well, I reached out to some of the biggest and brightest content partners and here is the incredible show of support and creativity these partners offered: 1…. Read more »

Have You Taken Your Sales Confidence Pill?

Sales organizations have a big number to hit this quarter, and the key to sales survival in today’s age of uncertainty is CONFIDENCE.  There is a direct relationship between your self-esteem, how good you feel about yourself, and how well you do in sales. Face it, confidence can bring out the best or the worst in… Read more »

It’s Time for Sales Managers to Stop Public Shaming

Some leaders motivate with fear and shame and some motivate with praise and encouragement. I don’t do well with the shaming — I can beat myself up on my own, thank you. But I also don’t always do well when I hear the “great job” feedback. I want more specifics. But public shaming seems to… Read more »

Keep Calm and Vote for TeleSmart — Pleeeeeeeeze

It’s that time of year again where everyone casts their vote for the AA-ISP most influential or Service Provider of the Year. I’m proud to say that I’ve been among the Top 25 Most Influential for several years in a row and happy to hold on to my crown. Vote here. But this year, it… Read more »

Time’s Up! 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get Rid of Voice Mail

How many of you listen to your voice mail messages on your cell phone? How many of you have that annoying family member who insists on leaving you that long 4-minute voice mail message asking you to call back to discuss the dinner plans for next week? How many of you ask people to leave you… Read more »