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[Infographic] What goes into making a bad decision?

Our choices define us, but decision-making is very delicate — especially when it come to making large corporate purchases that impact your entire organization. Some decision makers let their social networks influence them while others rely on their mood and others just ignore their intuition. What does into  making a bad decision?  Check out this amazing Infographic… Read more »

Virtual #SalesKickoff- 50 Experts Predict 2015

This is the time of year when everyone is either leaving or coming back from their annual sales kickoff – they fly to places like Vegas and sit in air conditioned or overly heated hotel conference rooms, watching tons of slides and people competing for center stage. It’s no wonder that Millennials behave badly at kickoff. That’s why… Read more »

Book #3 – Would You Like to Join My Tribe?

My writing momentum is underway. As I begin to write Book #3, Smart Selling to the Right People (AMACOM 2016), I find that I need a little help from my friends. My days are filled with words, sentence structures, chapter outlines, and predictions.  There are days when the last thing I want to hear is a question… Read more »

Rethink Quitting Your Job in 2015

We are still sitting on 6.1% unemployment, and the student loan debt increased to $1.13 trillion (an increase of $8 billion) as of September 30, 2014. People should feel lucky they are employed, right? So why has quitting your job become such a drama these days? Maybe you remember last year’s angry, disturbing rant from a San… Read more »

Resolution for 2015: The Year of Birthing the “Yes”

I just got back from my personal retreat up on a mountaintop — the Mount Madonna Center, where I focused on pouring out the basic ideas for Part 1 of my new book. Off to a good start! I highly recommend personal retreats for everyone — especially if you are already a person who regularly evaluates the… Read more »