10 Days Before My Book Launch . . . Another Royal Baby Is Born!

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July was a big month because two Royal babies were born: Prince George

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Leave The Lindo Wing With Their Newborn Son

and my new book, Smart Sales Manager. My Amazon Customer Reviews are also coming in —  5 stars, thank you very much! Check these out and add your own.

Like Prince George, my royal newborn needs all the care, attention, and affection it can get to survive and thrive in this big world. MY Royal Baby especially requires lots of promotional attention, selective content partnering, and daily winks, likes, hugs, and cheers to keep it going — especially during these days leading up to — da-da! — the book launch.

We are going to celebrate the big event San Francisco on August 15th between 6-8 pm, with a fun party that involves tequila. Ping me at for the address and details. I would be thrilled to meet some of my blog followers from the Bay Area!

And I CAN’T WAIT — so I’m going to start sharing my 10-day book launch countdown right now by sharing my Royal Baby’s first gifts:

10: On the 10th day before my book launch, my royal baby got it’s first book review featured in SOLD magazine, titled “Adapting to the New Reality in Sales Management; Prosper or Perish within the Sales 2.0 Ecosystem.” It will officially be out in September, but Shhhhh! don’t tell anyone: I’m sharing a sneak peek at the content:

“Smart Sales Manager: The Ultimate Playbook for Building and Running a High-Performance Inside Sales Team” is geared to newly emerging sales managers — often having little management experience — who need guidance in optimizing the performance of young, talented sales representatives under their charge. However, sales professionals of any age would benefit from the author’s insights on effectively adapting to the quickly changing sales culture to meet the needs of today’s customers.

See you at the party!



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