13 in 2013 – Inside Sales Trends Report

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Inside Sales 2013 Trends: Strong and Steady

We’ve managed to avoid the fiscal cliffs, we’ve learned the value of deleveraging, and we’ve patiently sat through some of the most sluggish housing, unemployment, and economic years in history. Now we are ready for some unstructured gamification fun! Hey. we deserve it, don’t we?

Inside Sales continues its warp-speed growth, powering a social, mobile, marketing, tools Sales 2.0 ecosystem. And it all converges for extremely POTENT PROSPECTING. You can read all about it in just a few short months, when Josiane Feigon’s upcoming new book, Smart Sales Manager, will slip into every sales manager’s iPad or Kindle and they will look up and say, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane . . . no, it’s the new Inside Sales Superhero!”

This is TeleSmart’s seventh year of trend spotting, predicting the innovations and insights that will shape the New Normal inside sales world in 2013. Hope you’re hungry for new trends, because we picked the most compelling 13 trends for 2013. Also, check out our 2013 Hotlist of What’s In and Out in Inside Sales.


Here’s what we can expect!

  1. Millennial Talent 2.0 is here to stay. Meet your new friends: With 10,000 people turning 21 each day, college hires will continue to gain power in the labor market as the job market gets stronger. Keep them happy and help them move out of their parents’ home.
  2. Please “untag me.” Oops, just when you thought your privacy settings were enough, your tag-happy “friends” who “like” you and want “share” their lives are invading yours. We all need our private spaces in public life. In 2013, its time to reclaim your privacy.
  3. Conversations & Collaboration. Your most engaged employees are happiest when they can socially and virtually collaborate. So break out those those collaboration tools and pull apart those cubicle walls and let the conversation begin!
  4. The Inside Sales Superhero to the Rescue. Heads up! It’s the new Inside Sales Superheroes. They engage, educate, mobilize, collaborate, and take action, super powers that = potent prospecting. When hiring superheroes, look for both soft and hard skills.
  5. Smart Shopping Is In. Customers may not be cash rich but they’re super smart about shopping. These shopping habits have shifted from a singular physical or online activity to a value exchange that plays out in lots of new ways. Brands must become more creative about how they position and sell their goods, because you never know when someone is shopping.
  6. Leaders Take Charge. If you manage them like robots, they’ll act like robots. Remember—your greatest competitive advantage is creativity and imagination, so make time for some unstructured play with your team. Cohesive teams consistently outperform stragglers, so team building is in – especially sending motivational texts.
  7. Gamification Is the New Black. Customers want a new experience, salespeople want a new experience, and they all want more fun. Gamification—public displays of fun, fun at work, fun after work—is here to stay. Remember, it’s all about enhancing customer experience and increasing engagement.
  8. Less Legroom and Tight Squeeze. Air travel will get tougher and tighter as flights are filled to capacity. Buckle up for fewer discounts and extra fees for baggage, leg room, and food. The good news is new airports and more new planes will debut, and if you’re willing (and able) to pay you’ll get a lot.
  9. The Smartphone Is the Mothership. Think your salespeople are wasting their time on their cell phones? Think again. Smartphones are becoming personal comm centers, hubs of everyday activity. Make room for smartphones in your sales and marketing plans for 2013.
  10. Big Data Gets Bigger. Marketing campaigns and call blitzing will get smarter and smarter, with more efficient marketing campaigns. Integrated marketing will blend SEO, PR, social media, and video for a more unified message.
  11. No Stress Zone. Breaking news: the stress era has arrived. It’s not just you, it’s all around. And it’s not letting up anytime soon. Perhaps it’s time to make your team feel better about themselves after they walk out of your 1:1 meeting. Tear down that “wall of shame and blame” and replace it with the 2013 “boast and brag wall.”
  12. Say Bye-Bye to Meaningless Cold Calls. The days of meaningless cold calling are dead. But blitzing, done correctly, is a double-espresso prospecting shot. It’s proven to increase numbers, productivity, and revenues.
  13. Don’t Leave Me Alone. Peer-to-peer marketing will continue to grow because people decide what to buy and who to buy from based on what their peers are doing. And peer pressure continues into the board room. Remember, the power buyer is not just one person any more. In 2013 you must a committee of 9 to 21 people.

2013 Offerings

TeleSmart provides a wide assortment of service offerings, from on-site training to virtual webinars. Our training is all about inside sales—combining phone, online, and sales and social tools productivity.

SMART SALES MANAGER, COMING SPRING 2013. Josiane’s new book is a play-by-play guide to managing your team to success in the New Normal Sales 2.0 ecosystem. Smart Sales Manager brings managers up to speed on the basics of this new world and gives them a quick reference for getting out of tight spots. Learn what it takes to lead your inside sales teams to success: Hiring, motivating, training, coaching, and much more. Sign up for regular updates. 


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