1 Day Is Today: On the Day of My Book Launch, My Royal Baby Wants to Be a Smart Sales Manager!

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1: Book launch day is here, and my Royal Baby has decided that it wants to grow up to be a  Smart Sales Manager, build a team of happy, energetic, and successful salespeople, and sit in a big office one day. Baby made its mom so proud! So, as a birthday present, I gave my Royal Baby — and you —  these  5 Team Building Tips for Smart Sales Managers

1.     You are in charge. Model the behavior you want to see in everything you do: arrive early, be organized, dress professionally, be motivating, listen actively, set action steps, and hold team members accountable. Make sure your team leaves every sales meeting positive and energized.

2.    Coach and manage don’t just channel Siri. Control that impulse to jump in and rescue team members, or give them all the answers. Teach your teams to think, react, and take action. Building healthy funnels is the proof that your teams are self-disciplined and have the intelligence and knowledge to sell

3.     Use metrics that matter. Today’s customer does not respond well to robo-stalking, so focus on metrics that make sense in today’s New Normal sales ecosystem: number of multiple contacts in the same organization, number of collaborative conversations, number of triple threat introductions (phone + email + social media friends) … Team members who engage socially and intelligently will be miles ahead. 

4.     Establish a FUN culture that sells. The best salespeople are looking for more than “just a job”: they want a sense of community, camaraderie, and competitive activities. A workplace that’s fun is the right fit. Take on the role of Funmeister yourself, or assign one of your team members to be the Culture Architect of Fun. Do include fun: this vital element is important to the longevity and loyalty of your team. 

5.     Salvage first, replace second. Don’t rush to replace team members who aren’t meeting reasonable sales targets. First, try to correct the problem through coaching or training, or by assigning them to a team that’s a better fit. Taking the time to coach low or mid-performers can pay off in big ways. If you finally have to have that tough conversation, do what you can to assist them in getting a new career. In the end you have to do what’s right for both the person and the company. 

Let the book launch begin! We are celebrating the big event San Francisco on August 15th between 6-8 pm, with a fun party that involves tequila. Ping me at  for the address and details. I would be thrilled to meet some of my blog followers from the Bay Area!

Book at Desk
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