5 Days Before My Book Launch — My Royal Baby Feels Like Something’s Missing

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5: On the 5th day before my book launch, my Royal Baby feels like something is . . . missing. What? “But you have everything you want — friends, family, press, what is it?” And then, I get it. I explain to my baby about how people are crazy busy these days — they have so much on their plate that sometimes they are slow to commit. My Royal Baby suddenly smiles. Ohhh, that’s why they don’t always RSVP right away! 

Please help fill my Royal Baby’s day with RSVPs for next week’s book launch! Tequila!

Save the date: We are celebrating the big event San Francisco on August 15th between 6-8 pm, with a fun party that involves tequila. Ping me at  for the address and details. I would be thrilled to meet some of my blog followers from the Bay Area!

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