Five Days to Christmas…What’s Sales 2.0?

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On the first day of Christmas my sales team said to meeeeee…. 



“Wassup with Sales 2.0, anyway?!”


Good question! We asked Santa and, lucky for you, he happened to have a copy of our sales playbooks ready for all the good little sales girls and boys this year.

santa with booksSanta says understanding Sales 2.0 means accepting that everything has changed:

  • Gone are the days when customers answered their phones and receptionists put your calls through.
  • Gone are the days when customers patiently sat through demos, accepted appointments, and even insisted that you walk them through the entire sales process.
  • Gone are the days when sales reps valued hard work, put in time and paid their dues, engaged in meaningful conversations with their prospects, and were so excited when you gave out Starbucks gift cards as a little bonus.
  • Gone are the days when investing in tools meant purchasing the latest noise-canceling headsets, getting multiple lines on your phone, buying new PCs for your teams, and switching fro old legacy systems to the latest sales CRM with sales-centric features that no one had access to–not even the marketing department.
  • Gone are the days when cold calling and prospecting meant “butts in seats” for 75 outbound daily dials and averaging four hours of talk time per day–and mailing out 25 VITO letters each week was your biggest outreach effort.

Want to know more? 

You’ll just have to ask Santa yourself! Have him drop off a pair of our sales playbooks today: 

Smart Selling on the Phone and Online and Smart Sales Manager

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2 Responses to “Five Days to Christmas…What’s Sales 2.0?”

  1. Dan Enthoven

    “even insisted that you walk them through the entire sales process.”

    Thanks to the Internet prospects can learn everything they need to know about your company without ever talking to a sales rep. Your sales team doesn’t hold all the information close to heart any more because it’s all out there for grabs.

    • Josiane Feigon

      You are absolutely right, the buyer doesn’t engage until they have traveled through most of the sales cycle. Today’s salesperson must stay 5 steps ahead of their prospects. Good comment.


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