6 Days Before My Book Launch, My Royal Baby Wants to Hear Paul McCartney!

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6: On the 6th day before my book launch, my Royal Baby wants to hear Sir Paul McCartney. Cool — my Royal Baby is ready for some quality music, and I’m not surprised. Because when Royal Baby was still in the womb — and I was writing on an aggressive schedule that included  total isolation and focus for 7 months — the only way I got through it was to listen to Mozart while I wrote. 

Well, Mozart couldn’t make it, but this weekend Paul McCartney is playing at Outside Lands, a huge outdoor concert in SF where the entire city will be hearing this great genius performing.  Paul is about my childhood, my teenage years, and everything after that. 

Abbey Road to New Normal Save the date: We are celebrating the big event San Francisco on August 15th between 6-8 pm, with a fun party that involves tequila. Ping me at  for the address and details. I would be thrilled to meet some of my blog followers from the Bay Area!

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