#AA-ISP San Francisco Rocks It- Feb 6th

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AA-ISP San Francisco 2014 with JosianeThe AA-ISP Conference 2014 is happening today in San Francisco and some of the biggest and brightest minds are coming together to support this rapidly growing and complex inside sales field. I’ve been supporting the worldwide chapters with virtual book signings and it is so gratifying to watch so many individual contributors and managers in this field come together. 

I’m back with my Superhero talk and feeling generous and curious. So if I can meet a true Inside Sales Superhero,  I’ll give them a free copy of my Smart Sales Manager book. Come on down! 

The lineup of speakers and topics is amazing — here are a few topics:

Predicting the Future of Inside Sales Dave Elkington, CEO of Insidesales.com, will probably share some of their insightful data and surveys to convince y’all that inside sales will be around for a long time.

How Top Sales Teams Leverage LinkedIn for Social Selling Brett Wallace, Director of Sales at LinkedIn, is the most qualified person to talk about this. Not only does he completely understand inside sales but he works for the top social media tool, which is quickly replacing the phone.

The New Conversation; How to Engage the Modern Customer Jim Benton, the Co-Founder of ClearSlide, knows everything about collaboration and engagement. 

How to Master Prospecting Will Spendlove, who came from Salesforce to InsideView, knows all too well the magic formula for sales prospecting today’s customers. 

Hiring High-Performing Reps The Betts Recruiting team knows their stuff when it comes to recruiting reps. 

How to Solve the Biggest Sales Training Problems I will be sitting in on this one, without a doubt. 

And there’s still time to register: Use my promo code ” TeleSmart”.

If you can’t get away but want to come for the receptions, here’s the registration link for that.  

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