Book #3 – Would You Like to Join My Tribe?

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My writing momentum is underway. As I begin to write Book #3, Smart Selling to the Right People (AMACOM 2016), I find that I need a little help from my friends.

My days are filled with words, sentence structures, chapter outlines, and predictions.  There are days when the last thing I want to hear is a question from a well-meaning friend who asks, “So . . . how’s the book coming along?” The good days are when my trusted editor, Naomi Lucks, emails her edits and says, “You are definitely on track with this chapter.”

But its awfully quiet here, just me and my laptop. The isolation of writing can be challenging (and even a little  frightening) — so I sure could use a dose of your wisdom about navigating today’s wild sales ride. I want to hear from my tribe: I’m talking to you — readers who have read my first two books, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online or Smart Sales Manager; and my loyal training participants, teams and managers who have attended our TeleSmart training for the past 20 years.

Because that’s really who I’m writing this book for: my peeps who send me pictures of your dog-eared book, who tweets that your teams keep stealing the book, and who comment on Facebook, “Yes, my favorite chapter was this and here’s why” or “Once I read your book, my sales world came together” or “I carry this book everywhere.”

I want to hear YOUR voice. Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.15.46 PM

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If you are nodding your head, saying, “Hell yeah!” here’s what I need:

Advice Council: An informal group of “peeps” who will let me tap on their shoulders every once in awhile to get a reality check, or an answer to a quick question. I want your most authentic and honest feedback when it comes to sharing ideas on tips and tactics. The time investment is minimal — maybe 1 or 2 emails per month from me with a few questions that require few minutes of your time and quick turnaround. 

Round Table Talks: If the topic is highly compelling and calls for a fun and rich group discussion, I’ll schedule a conference call where we can discuss this in a round table format. I will carefully select various individuals, based on their knowledge, to share in this topic. The time investment includes agreeing to a 60-minute round table on a topic and calling into a conference bridge.

In exchange for your participation, you will receive the new book hot off the press, I’ll mention you in the book by name, and perhaps even include your sample story. Oh, and I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU — no matter what happens if Book #3 gets sold to Paramount and there’s a movie that finally depicts the sales profession in a glamorous and fun way. I’m thinking George Clooney as the VP of Sales and Ben Stiller as an inside sales rep. What do you think?

If interested, please email me @ — please include either Round Table or Advice Council in the subject line.

Oh year, what’s it about? Book #3 has the publisher excited, and me too. It’s about how, why, and what happens when conversation-starved salespeople chase down and sell to the wrong people — which happens again and again in our complex new digital, social sales environment. Not only are powerless people still clogging up sales funnels; they are proliferating and doing real damage in a shaky sales space. So why are these seemingly confident, hard charging salespeople giving away their power to the powerless? Book #3 goes deep into finding out how to recognize the gatekeepers, cut them loose, find and connect with the real decision-makers, and unclog that funnel forever.

If interested, please email me @ — please include either Round Table or Advice Council in the subject line. 

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One Response to “Book #3 – Would You Like to Join My Tribe?”

  1. David Kopf

    I’d like to join your advice council. Thanks! I am working on a doctoral dissertation on inside sales leadership, and so I may bring value from both my experience and some research. My personal email is in your form, and my current business email is . I look forward to helping.

    Best Regards,


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