Customer 2.0 Is Starved for Virtual Intimacy

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Have we fallen in love with our Customer 2.0 yet?

vday, 2013It’s pretty hard to cuddle up to this elusive customer. Even when they are there they are pushing us away. What they DON’T want is what worked so well for us in the past. So they don’t respond to our emails, they orbit their own planet, and they only want to COMMIT when it’s most convenient for them. And when they are ready, they want it all NOW.

What does Customer 2.0 REALLY want? They are starved for a virtual relationship. They’re hungry for virtual bling that will satisfy their digital palates. If you feed them bite-sized info-snacks filled with entertaining and interesting content, they will fall in love with you all over again.

Ready to pack some delicious info-snacks?

Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day Infographic:

v-day-2013 infographic


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