Favorite sales toys debut @ CES

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Last week everyone gathered for the largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) ever, with a record 150K attendees in Las Vegas. Perfect time of year to peak into the future time capsule to find out what the future of technology  such as ultra-hi-def and Android-powered cameras. So what is it this year? Augmented reality-enhanced eyeglasses, sensor-enabled wristbands and celebrity headphones? The theme this year was the evolution of touch-screen smartphones that will dominate everything you do. Check out the Best of CES 2013.

When it comes to salespeople, some of the biggest challenges is managing time and managing stress.

On the health-conscious front,  in the apps world (which BTW, it is estimated that 1.76 billion apps were downloaded the week of Dec 25th-31st) Arianna Huffington launched her “GPS For the Soul” app- which measures heart rate changes that can signal rising stress and provides a personalized calming guide.

Another cool gadget is the the Muse Headband- which is a brainwave-reading headband designed to help you understand what is going on in your mind and how you are feeling. Watch this interesting demo. 

But the best idea is this HAPIfork – which is a utensil that tracks how much you eat and tell you when to stop. Listen to Stephen Colbert talk about it (4 minutes in) so you  better slow down when you eat.

On the time management front, my personal favorite is the Pebble Watch (ships on Jan 23rd) -This “smart” timepiece that can be programmed to do various things, including showing text messages sent to your phone. The high-resolution display is all digital, so it can be programmed with various cool “watch faces.”


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