Football and Inside Sales Superheroes

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I’m seeing lots of similarities between football and inside sales superheroes — especially now that the 2013 NFL season is under way.


If you follow the NFL at all, you’ve probably read at least several bazillion stories about the “read-option” and the young, agile new quarterbacks who were throwing defenses completely off-kilter for most of last season. It’s pretty much all anyone was talking about going into this season, and it seemed a sure bet that this play was the league’s new direction and these QBs were the new superstars. 

But then some unexpected things happened. First, the league decided that the QBs — protected from being hit during the read-option plays last season — were now fair game as long as they continued to hide whether they had the ball. This set off debate over whether teams would have to stop using the play in order to protect their valuable QBs.

Second, three weeks in to the season the read-option teams aren’t even doing well! Defenses have successfully countered with their own formations and the 49ers, Redskins, and Eagles (all major read-option teams last season) have won a collective two of seven games. And that, clearly, is not going to cut it.

The 49ers, according to Bleacher Report’s Tyson Langland, need to remember to never take their eyes off the conditions of the moment. They should not focus on hammering away with a failing strategy, but on making the “in-game adjustments” that “are one of the most underrated keys to prospering in the NFL.” I couldn’t think of better advice for inside sales managers!

Managers are often looking at a Millennial Talent 2.0, flighty and non-committal Customer 2.0 and the whole field of social selling — and still responding as if it the tried-and-true methods from their own selling days still work.

It’s time to get a new game plan and move that ball forward!

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