From traveling salesman to mobile salesman

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I recently downloaded a cool app called EAT ST. It tells you all about the nearby food trucks around your area. My favorite, and the most popular in San Francisco, is The Creme Brulee Man who tweets his daily dessert and location to 19K twitter followers and sells out each day.

The days of big storefronts, retail stores, and empty restaurants waiting for customers are going fast. Customers today want it fast, portable, and mobile.

Just like those restaurants, many sales departments also seem a bit empty these days. But it’s not just because of lay-offs and the economy, it’s because of how salespeople work. More and more start-ups have open spaces without cubicles — and they don’t have landlines.

The old days of the traveling salesman aren’t exactly gone — they’ve morphed. Today’s mobile and portable salespeople will make things happen from their ipad and smartphone, no matter where they are.

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