Full Frontal Visuals

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What do today’s Customer 2.0 and Talent 2.0 have in common? Visual Bling. They both want to be visually entertained.

Today’s Customer 2.0 may send out those “Don’t bug me because I’m too busy for your call or your email” messages, but they still manage to find time to watch your video and  glance at that cool infographic you just sent them.

According Cliff Pollen of Postwire and Visible Gains , 90% of people read content, 9% share content and only 1% actually write content.  No wonder I can’t find many salespeople who have blogs! Talent 2.0 isn’t thrilled about sitting around writing content, but they are very comfortable with images: think Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Here’s a great video by eight thought leaders on the Rise of Visual Content:

YouTube Preview Image

As always, be sure to check out all our favorite infographics.





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