Hello December

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Have I mentioned to you that I don’t own a TV? That’s right — I haven’t owned one in a few years and haven’t missed it. I’m perfectly happy uploading talks and podcasts on my iPad.

December is the month for countdowns.

TedTalks is counting down on the Best of Ted 2011 and featuring their top 18 videos (because most TedTalks average 18 minutes long). Check these out during this month.

I hope Sunni Brown’s talk on Doodlers, unite makes it to the top 18. Her fun talk on the science and strategy of doodlers is very unique.

As I prepare for some Trend Talks in the coming weeks, I will be writing a lot about upcoming trends for Inside Sales. LinkedIn is not a trend nor a fad: It is an essential Prospecting and Sales Intelligence tool, so its about time salespeople learn to use it correctly. Check out this LinkedIn for Sales People in 30 Seconds article.

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  1. John

    Thanks for the TED list, Josiane! Have you ever heard Simon Sinek’s presentation? It’s very applicable to those in sales and is one of my favorite TED talks.



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