Hiring Twins: Double the motivation?

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Do you have a set of twins lurking in your inside sales organization? If you want to double the amount of productivity on your team, it might make sense to hire twins . . . especially if you hire two superheroes. If you do have twins on your team, it’s important to understand the intimate bond they share. (Here are some  pros and cons of being a twin.)

People are fascinated by identical twins:

In test scores, twins usually test the same way and may even experience the exact same decline in test scores from one year to the next.

In sports, the twin basketball players Markieff and Marcus Morris have identical cars, beards, and tattoos. They both play for the Phoenix Suns and their bond is so strong that it makes the rest of the team better.

When I was in Sydney last week, I attended the 13 Rooms performance art gallery show: 13 rooms of live performance art by some of the best-known performance artists in the world. But what really caught my eye was the room dedicated to sets of identical twins just sitting in chairs. People, myself included, would just walk into this room and watch them:

Twins4 Twins5 Twins
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    • Josiane Feigon

      Great question, I will look into this- thanks for your interest.


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