How does a CEO feel about email prospecting?

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Sending out generic emails will get you in trouble. Here’s proof from Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy, who was generous enough to respond to an email he received and outline his great advice for inside salespeople who are prospecting CEOs.

Here are four top quotes:

1. Annoying and self-serving: “I admire persistence, but the tone of your emails suggests that you are more focused on solving your problem (finding leads for your product) than mine.”

2. Impersonal:  “Your pitch doesn’t reflect any knowledge about me personally and what I might already know from past experience.”

3. No reason to carve out time: “Simple repetition is not a strategy.”

4. No information about you: “Don’t make me work hard at trying to figure you out.”

Check out this great whitepaper written by AG Salesworks,  Email Guide for Sales Prospecting Success. I especially like their subject line recommendations and email formatting. But they forgot my big recommendation – writing a P.S. at the end of each email.

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  1. Ayeen Benoza

    The top four quotes listed are the most common mistakes done by sales reps who are just concerned about numbers, when in fact, their numbers will never go up if they continue sending out emails that are not relevant to prospect’s concern or topic of interest. Thanks for sharing.


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