Hunger Games Inspires Healthy Team Competition

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Most inside sales organizations are structured with multiple and diverse teams — lead generation, sales development, renewals, inside sales, team leads, etc. Many are regionally aligned or product-specific.

All these segmented teams are ripe and ready for competition, especially since today’s Millennials really want to know where they stand, crave regular feedback, thrive on team spirit, and love to engage and #win in healthy competition. Managers who come up with creative ideas for contests, spiffs, and blitzing often find their Millennial team members jumping at the chance to compete, providing a little extra spark to their prospecting and outreach efforts. 

The second film in the Hunger Games trilogy was released last weekend and is killing it at the box office: more than $170 million domestic and almost $317 million worldwide. Basically, the story revolves around a series of epic contests, in which contestants are plucked from their lives to find themselves in a struggle against the elements, each other, and ultimately against the ruling society. A perfect model for sales, right?

We love competition — especially if there’s a #winner. The extra push it gives us is exhilarating and drives us to greater heights. How about a Hunger Games-inspired sales contest?


Think of it: you could separate the lead gen, sales dev, and other teams into different “districts,” maybe even encourage costumes on certain days and customize your leaderboards with images of the Capitol. The winning “district” could win the right to overthrow the Capitol (management or higher execs) in some kind of celebratory ceremony. Social media could be leveraged, posting pics of your team’s costumes and epic battles to the company twitter feed — a great piece of recruitment marketing for other fun-loving young reps!

The team would go nuts! And I bet they’d find that extra energy to power through the holiday season and get some deals off the books, too.

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