Top 3 Favorite Infographics for September

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I’m pretty sure I consume infographics like they were a food group! Each month, I like to compile a short list of the tastiest, most nutritional infographics I had the pleasure to devour. It’s a feast for the mind and eyes — bon appetit!  

Autodesk: What Makes a Manufacturing Genius?

Follow the link above for an amazing animated html infographic on what separates the top performers in manufacturing.


B2B Leaders – Marketing from the Top:


B2B Leaders infographic


Marketo – WANTED: Email Dead or Alive:







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One Response to “Top 3 Favorite Infographics for September”

  1. Sean Beresford

    Hi Josiane. Thanks very much for sharing our infographic – we’re pleased you found it interesting. dnx have been working with Autodesk over the past few months to help tell the stories behind some of their most successful manufacturing customers. We’ve been working closely to create case studies around some really interesting companies who are now considered ‘top performers’ of their industry. We created this infographic using key stats from the Tech Clarity white paper (available on the site) and so far it has had a great response. Glad you liked it, and thanks again for the feature.


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