Millennials Are Millennializing All the Other Generations

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Dan Schawbel from Millennial Branding is one of my favorite thought leaders on GenY. Chapter 2 of my new book Smart Sales Manager is dedicated to our wild and wonderful Millennials — AKA Talent 2.0. They are flooding most inside sales organizations and are changing the size and shape of the sales world as we know it. 

When Dan was a guest on the Today Show, hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda were right in his face with the question: Why are these Millennials so entitled, difficult, and expect to have OUR job soon? Dan set the story straight, reminding them how optimistic and productive this generation is. (BTW — they WILL have their jobs soon because these two ladies are way too tired :-))

Dan reminds us that Millennials have influenced — or “Millennialized” — all the other generations in order to interact with them. Think of grandma who has joined Facebook to keep up with so she can see what her grandchildren are doing, or parents who find that the only way to communicate with their kids is by texting. 

It’s the same in sales. In fact, there’s a match between Customer 2.0 + Millennial Talent 2.0. These two are more in agreement than ever before.  Especially in these core areas:

  1. Technology and tools
  2. The fun factor
  3. Real-time collaboration
  4. Mobilizing
  5. It’s gotta happen now
  6. SWAG
  7. Relationships
  8. Hierarchy
  9. Social media



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