Mistakes Are OK, As Long As . . .

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We begin a new year with a clean slate, working on forming new healthy habits. Sometimes, though, our greatest intentions can get messed up. Something happens and then, uh oh,  we made a mistake.

I make mistakes — about people, relationships, something I said, a decision I made, and a project I took on. I should know better, and I especially should know better than to make the same one over again. That’s why I believe that “Mistakes are OK, as long as they are your first.”

Managers can sometimes be unforgiving about mistakes, but remember: the only way salespeople can grow and progress is by making mistakes and learning from them. These valuable life lessons teach us how to forgive, they help us let go of our fears, they help us live without regrets. They are the stepping stones to happiness.

As they say, the fear of being nothing, achieving nothing and becoming nothing should be way bigger than the fear of making mistakes!

Even doctors make mistakes — sometimes, they are life threatening. And, as this TEDTalk by Brian Goldman makes clear. they are often ashamed to admit it:

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