How to Motivate Millennials to Have Strong Call Momentum

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man sitting Sales momentum. How do you get it? how do you know it’s there? how do you keep it going? what do you do when it’s lost? In my Smart Sales Management training program, I usually play a video of one of their reps in full outbound prospecting mode. Then I freeze the frame.

Freeze frame: Rep is sitting at their desk, everything around is super neat and tidy, they don’t have any tools open, the phone almost out of reach, there’s nothing to write notes on, and there’s nothing to drink nearby.

When I ask the managers how they think their rep’s momentum looks, they shake their heads. They’ve seen this before and they’re not sure how to reverse the trend. Maybe it will just happen?

You don’t wake up one day and miraculously have momentum. Here are 5 tips on helping reps create strong call momentum:

1. Environment: Environment has a lot to do with creating call momentum. If you don’t have everything you need at hand, your momentum is doomed from the start. Get organized before you even sit down.

2. Longevity: Momentum must also be sustained over a certain period of time. You cannot establish real momentum if you spend less than one hour calling, which means you must sit for at least 60 minutes and focus on your call.

3. Focus: Focus means saying “no” to distractions and getting “in the zone” when making calls. This commitment that will get greater results. It’s not always easy, but they can do it — especially if you encourage them and make it a priority. You may have to fight your own office space, because workplace distractions are at an all-time high. The open-space selling environment in particular creates more distractions and less privacy. In fact, there has been a notable decrease in office productivity since 2008. Not surprisingly, the Cubicle is Making a Comeback.

4. Seeking Comfort: Sitting for hours in one place requires that space to be comfortable. Make sure your reps’ desk and chair are are ergonomic, the phone is within reach, the monitor is the right height, double monitors are well set up. Food fuel is super important, so they should have snacks and drinks nearby, not down the hall. 

5. Superhero Role Model: Get your seating chart out and make sure you look at where your team member is sitting. Ideally, you want them sitting next to your sales superhero — the one whose sales buzz is viral, vast, and potent. Success is inspiring!


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