Water Works in Sales

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Last month I joined the Dolphin Club, a San Francisco institution at the San Francisco Bay that dates back to 1877. After living in SF for over 35 years, I’ve paddled on the bay, I’ve walked around the bay, I’ve had great views of the bay — and I thought it was finally time to get myself in the bay. So now I’m one of those crazy people you can see swimming in freezing water before 8 a.m. — without a wetsuit, I might add. But I feel great!

Water has healing effects, and not just recreationally. I like this video of Susan Lovegren, SVP of HR @ Plantronics. She talks about an indoor waterfall designed to create “pink noise” for everyone around. This is a relaxing way to create focus and relaxation in your work environment. 

This summer we are dealing with a big water crisis as one of the worst heat waves of 2013 sweeps the nation. There’s a water emergency alert going on today, in fact. So staying hydrated is on everyone’s minds.  Being dehydrated also impacts your energy, your thinking ability, and your sleep — all things you need in order to be a healthy and effective sales superhero. Here are 7 things you should know about staying hydrated. 

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