The Sales and Marketing Love/Hate Relationship

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The Sales and Marketing Love/Hate Relationship

The Sales 2.0 Conference is happening this week, and everyone is talking about how sales and marketing must align.

There’s a thin line between love and hate when it comes to the relationship between sales and marketing. There’s always some finger-pointing from sales when it comes to marketing support: Sales needs them, but when they step in, it’s never good enough.

Here are some of the most common love-hate issues:


What Sales Loves about Marketing

What Sales Hates about Marketing

Lots of leads

Too many leads to keep up with

Vertical-specific case studies

Case studies with accounts that are not relevant to specific territories

Competitive comparisons

Comparing the wrong competitors

Voicemail and email templates

Templates that have too much senseless marketing-speak

Help on designing PowerPoint slides

Slide deck is too big to present

Great company videos

Videos are too long and technical

Lead scoring

Not in agreement on lead qualification

Landing pages and calls to action

Confusing website

Mass mailings

Spams their customers

When they offer road shows in region

When sales has to help invite people to road shows


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