What Managers Can Learn from Millennials and Their “Roomies”

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My daughter met this super cool 25-year old guy last weekend at a party. He was adorable, graduated from a prestigious college on the East Coast, was very cultured, well-traveled, witty, athletic, interesting, and super smart. They had great chemistry at the party and talked for hours. He kept talking about his “roomies,” which she later found out are his P-A-R-E-N-T-S. He is sitting on $60K of student loans, still looking for work, and living at home with his parents.

living w parents tshirtMy daughter was shaken by this news, but the guy was totally upbeat. His pictures and “roomies” pictures are posted on Facebook and Instagram with captions that read:

  • Me and the roomies getting wasted
  • Me and my roomies playing strip poker
  • Me and my roomie going to the symphony
  • Me and my roomies fixin dinner
  • Me and my roomies chilin
  • Me and my roomies grocery shopping
  • Me and my roomie going watching the superbowl

A nice guy who likes his parents!

Listen up, managers: Your young Millennials want to guidance and structure. In return, they want your respect and approval. And they want you to provide a comfortable home — that is, a fun place to work where they can bring their friends, who are their fellow team members.

Maybe they’ll never move out of the comfortable “home” you built for them.

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