Will 2013 be the year that Inside Sales takes LinkedIn SERIOUSLY?

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Will this be the year that Inside Sales decides to take LinkedIn seriously? Some of you may already be ahead of the curve on this, but some late adopters are still not convinced. Here’s the scoop?

1. Managers are fearful — they don’t want their teams exposed for risk of being snatched by competitors. Most recruiting firms use LinkedIn to reach out to potential candidates and make tempting offers. This will always happen, and you can’t get away from that. Instead, managers should spend more time taking good care of their teams and not be so threatened about their people getting poached.

2. Millennials still consider Facebook and LinkedIn to be in the same family. They’re not. There are some huge differences in how you communicate on each tool.

3. Some are note sure where to begin on LinkedIn.  The first and most important area to change up is your profile photo. Remember, this isn’t FB, so party shots are out. Check out the  7 ways to make LinkedIn work for you

4. Some believe that LinkedIn will go away.  WRONG. LinkedIn just announced 200 million registered users and it’s membership spans more than 200 countries and territories. The U.S. remains its biggest market, followed by India.  Congrats!

5. Some industries don’t use LinkedIn.  Really? Look again: The largest is IT & services (with 4 million LinkedIn members); followed by financial services (2.03 million); higher education (1.95 million); computer software (1.65 million); and telecommunications (1.59 million).

6. Some only use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool but forget to use it for Thank You acknowledgement. This is the perfect follow-up and confirmation tool because it is more personalized, carries added clout, and gets read more often that regular email. Ken Krogue has 27 tips that will get your started on LinkedIn.

7. Believing that LinkedIn just has resume value. I agree with Lori Richardson who says that we need to adjust our thinking in this area and look at this as a way to profile ourselves and our company.




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2 Responses to “Will 2013 be the year that Inside Sales takes LinkedIn SERIOUSLY?”

  1. Bob Polan

    I think most people in sales both inside and out have yet to understand the value of contacting their customers outside their normal channels. Everyone is looking for leverage. Most don’t understand what a great place Linkedin is to ask questions, make comments and engage others. When I started to see people like my comments and join my discussions it was a revalation.
    This is social media where people are talking about things that matter. You need to get involved to benafit.

  2. Katrina Chua

    Inside sales should have not waited for 2013 to take LinkedIn seriously. LinkedIn is the best place to look for leads and start business relationships. It is much more than a social media site.


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