Who We Serve

Whether you are a President, VP of Sales, Director or Manager of Inside Sales, you want your department to be the best it can be. We’ll help get your talent working at maximum capacity, with all engines running at full throttle. We serve team sizes from 12-1500 and can meet a variety of needs:

Sales Reps

  • The Inside Salesperson who is on the fast-track in career growth, and who wants to master the essential skills to get to the next level
  • The Field Salesperson who must replace old travel habits with new virtual selling habits, and who must learn not to underestimate the value and support inside sales team members can provide

Manager and Directors

  • The Human Resource Director who is chartered to recruit, retain and stay educated on desirable top inside sales talent
  • The Regional/District Sales Manager who is frustrated with inaccurate forecasting, too much discounting, and a slower sales cycle, and who wants to maximize the potential and contribution of an inside sales team
  • The Director of Inside Sales who finally gets validation for the significant contribution their inside sales organization makes
  • The Director of Global Sales Training who must provide relevant training programs to quickly ramp up inside sales and also continue to develop the talent of seasoned pros.


  • The Worldwide Vice President of Sales who must build out a global sales organization and pioneer into new markets and countries
  • The Vice President of Sales who must structure a robust, virtual and competent sales organization in order to expand their footprint in the market
  • The VP of Channel Sales who must maintain mind share with partners by delivering consistent high qualified leads


  • The CEO and President whose strategic initiative is to implement Sales 2.0 strategies and build a Best in Class sales organization
  • The Chief Financial Officer who is sold on the cost-efficiencies a highly functioning inside sales organization brings to the bottom line
  • The Vice President of Marketing who is designing messaging and lead generations campaign for the inside sales teams and must understand the talent and skill requirements before establishing measurement criteria.
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