Staying current and ahead of inside sales trends is a necessity in today’s rapidly changing Sales 2.0 ecosystem. Our commitment is to never grow stale on you with outdated or recycled content that clogs up your inbox – we promise.

If you want to improve your sales, learn about the latest inside sales prospecting techniques, digest the latest sales strategies and pick up new telesales tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some resources to keep you ahead of the game.

 Inside Sales Trend Reports

16-in-2016There’s never a dull moment in the inside sales world. This rapidly changing profession is exploding today, so how do you keep up, staff up, and prepare for the coming year?

Our trend report is 100% accurate – loaded with advice on tactics, tools and talent.

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HotList- What’s In and What’s Out in 2016

2016-hotlistWhat’s In and What’s Out – What a better way to kick off the New Year with a hot list of the latest trends.

Our HotLists are loaded with cool ideas with a splash of pop culture, wrapped in a fun format.

It’s a great pair to our Inside Sales Trend Reports, where we prepare you for the year-and even a mid-year report when there are too many changes to keep up with.

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Each month, we send out content to our community members: sales professionals and leaders from across the globe.

Designed to help you grasp the big picture ideas behind the evolving Sales 2.0 ecosystem, TeleSmart’s Sales Newsletter delivers research, trends, and stories from the front lines of global inside sales training.

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The Inside Sales Manager’s Guide to Sales Team Training

AG salesworks ebookAs a sales manager, your reputation is on the line when you bring in sales training for your inside teams. Today’s inside sales organizations are becoming more and more complex, marketing is putting on the pressure, the Sales 2.0 environment is changing all the rules, and your incoming young Millennial salespeople are demanding fun

The Inside Sales Manager’s Guide to Sales Team Training–developed by AG Salesworks & featuring Josiane Feigon of Telesmart–offers valuable advice for making your sales training investment stick BEFORE training by making expectations clear, DURING training by participating and observing, and AFTER training by continually reinforcing skills learned. 

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“What Would Josiane Do?”

wwjd smaller square“What Would Josiane Do?” (WWJD) is a bi-monthly video series sent directly to our newsletter subscribers. Every month, we will address the sales world’s most burning questions and common crises–pulled right from the front lines of our own inside sales communities.

Whether you are working in a lead development, inside sales, management, marketing, or social media capacity, Josiane has answers on how to refresh your tactics in this complex and always changing ecosystem.

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Want to Hire a Superhero in 2016?

Sales Superhero

Finding good talent is getting harder – especially with the growing demands of the inside sales role.

If you’re looking for your next sales superhero, then you need to be asking the right questions that get you deeper into the candidate’s character and reveal their secret identity.

We’ve put together a list of 25 questions that do just that.

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eBook: Selecting an Inside Sales Vendor White Paper

Triggers Think About

Selecting the right inside sales vendor- one who understands inside sales, can customize that knowledge to fit your business, and that can engage your reps and hold their attention- is critical to the future success of your inside sales teams.

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